What is Working Theory Productions?
Working Theory Productions is a group of gamers and geeks of various persuasions who get together every week to play tabletop games and debate geeky stuff. During one of our member's wedding we realized that the discussions that we were having at the reception could make for interesting listening material as a Podcast, not just because we're full of ourselves, but because we'd actually like to listen to a Podcast that sounded like our conversations. There, around a table with nibbles booze and geeks, a plan was hatched. This is the result of that plan.

Who is Working Theory Productions?

Neil Cordray: Writer, gamer, geek, occasional voice actor. Neil records and posts the podcasts, were he the bragging type (and I am) the Podcast may not have been his brainchild but he was responsible for making it happen. He's also writing a book series called the Hedgemage Stories. He works customer service in the really-real world but he'd kinda like to quit.

Ben S Reeder: He is The One True Ben, all other Bens are Lesser Bens and must be destroyed. An author of books like The Demon's Apprentice and Zompoc Survivor series, Ben's been at this whole "Geek" think longer than some of us have been alive.

David "Wookiee" Vance: A 33-year old Wookiee, abandoned by his Wookiee parents in northern California (explanation for Sasquatch sightings in the 1980's) and adopted by a human family. He is a geek through and through, being an avid fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Tolkien, Video Gaming, and Table-Top Gaming, just to name a few. He has a passion for his fandoms, and thoroughly enjoys discussing or debating topics related to them.

Michael Chrisope: Lifelong gamer and geek with a special passion for tabletop roleplaying games and video games. Huge fan of D&D, World of Darkness, Star Wars, Firefly, A Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones), and Marvel & DC comics. Enjoys comedy in all its forms, be it tv, movies, books, plays, websites & blogs, improv, and stand-up.

Billy Janson (not pictured): Billy is our GM for our Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Campaign. He just recently celebrated the birth of his first son, Henry. When he is not at the table rolling dice; Billy enjoys spending time with his family, working as a School Bus Driver, and going back to College to be a computer programmer.